The MDG was established on 21 November 2005 and was formally registered as a non-profit organisation on  6 June 2006.  It started as a healthy get-together for youth, but in time changed into a known theatre group in Bloemfontein.  
In 2008 the need for formal training was established.  Our first students followed the Trinity College of London curriculum.  Although Trinity's education is outstanding, its qualifications are not recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).  This lead to a partnership with Oakfields College in 2012 to offer a SAQA-recognised qualification and the first students graduated from the Further Education Training Certificate in Performing Arts in 2014. 

MDG became an accredited institution in its own right in 2015 serving the Free State and Northern Cape. We offer a Further Education Training Certificate (FETC): Performing Arts (SAQA ID 48808).
In 2018, MDG was awarded accreditation to offer the FET Certificate in Hospitality Reception (SAQA ID 64469). 

The MDG is operating on professional business principles by a managing director with the inputs of an advisory board.  All stakeholders share an interest in the performing arts and education.

Continue to be one of the best private training providers in the Free State and Northern Cape offering quality education and equal opportunities to all its students.

To give youth the opportunity for personal growth.  The MDG is committed to excellent education, innovative teaching techniques, and the personal and intellectual growth of its members in a diverse academic community.

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